3+ years

InsurTech Actuary team have been helping Insurtech startups outsource their entire General Insurance Actuarial department since 2020.

5+ countries

We have successfully delivered Actuarial Consulting projects in more than 5 countries, including IFRS17 projects in UAE.

400+ clients

In a very short span, we have already delighted 400+ customers with our extremely efficient and high quality Actuarial Services.

Our Story so far...

2020 Q1

InsurTech Actuary is Founded

Our journey as InsurTech Actuary started in 2020 with a vision to develop automated General Insurance Actuarial solutions.

We aim to provide global expertise and high-quality actuarial services in India. And at the same time, we enable global General Insurance companies to take advantage of lower cost base in India.

Our mission is to help you grow

2020 Q2

US$30m Series B round

In our very early success story as a testimony to our vision, our actuary helped an InsurTech raise $30m in Series B investor funding round. As the only consulting actuary, we were instrumental in the deal by providing end-to-end actuarial support. Our actuarial reserving analysis formed the foundation of the funding valuation.

2020 Q3

Outsource Actuarial Services

We expand our team and services to focus on being the preferred choice for outsourcing of General Insurance Actuarial Services.

We procure our first retainer contract where an InsurTech startup outsources their entire actuarial department to us and the relationship is still going strong.

2021 Q1

Global expansion

We expand our operations globally by tapping international insurers. We provide IFRS 17 actuarial consulting services and help several established insurers in UAE to successfully meet their regulatory IFRS 17 FIA requirements. Our list of clients include the some of the largest insurers in UAE.

2021 Q2

AI-based Gratuity report software launched

We revolutionise the industry by launching first-of-its-kind fully automated actuarial software. Using our AI-based software, users are now able to generate Gratuity Reports for calculation of Defined Benefit scheme liability in less than 2 minutes without any human intervention.

2021 Q3

Further global expansion

InsurTech Actuary expands further by helping InsurTech startups in Europe outsource their actuarial department to us. In yet another success story, we assist a German MGA startup to procure insurance capacity and raise EUR2m even before going live

2022 Q1

Awarded by Govt. of India

We are recognised by the Govt. of India as one of the top Innovative startups in India and are invited to the first-ever Startup India Innovation week held in January 2022 to exhibit our innovative product and actuarial services

2023 Q1

250+ delighted customers

We have successfully served more than 250 clients in a very short span of 3 years and the success story continues...

Actuarial Consulting Services:

General Insurance Actuarial Consulting

We specialize in outsourced actuarial operations for InsurTech startups, including setting up of actuarial processes for the first time.

This is the primary reason we call ourselves “InsurTech Actuary”.


Moreover, we provide entire suite of actuarial services for non-life insurers.

These range from simplistic Reserving Peer Review (certified) as per IRDA requirements, to complex Stochastic Capital Modelling for Solvency II purposes.

Also, we provide IFRS17 actuarial consulting services to general insurance companies in India, GCC region and South-East Asia.

Employee Benefits

Instant Gratuity reports

@Rs.3,000 per report only


Our software lets you generate actuarial valuation reports for Gratuity and Leave Encashment schemes as per AS 15 or IndAS 19 accounting standards in less than 2 minutes.


The above is possible due to automated process and use of cloud computing service. This ensures that the actuarial reports are not only error-free and high quality, but also cheaper and quicker than any other actuary might offer.

We also offer actuarial consulting for other Employee Benefit schemes including salary optimization, ESOP valuation, etc.

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